All nursing schools that offer degrees should be accredited by your state. There are no programs available solely online for anyone who is not already a nurse.  There are clinical hours that are a requirement for all newbies in the nursing field that requires hands-on training.  Another thing in common with all nursing degrees is the requirements in order to get into a school:


-Professional references (usually two)

-High school transcripts or prior College transcripts





There are several options available to pursue a LPN degree:

-Community colleges/ Junior Colleges

-Vocational Educational Centers

-Educational Opportunity Centers/Technical Centers

-Private schools



Community colleges, State college and Public and Private Universities



This program focuses on liberal arts and science courses. There is no clinical rotation.  This degree can be obtained online or in a classroom rotation.  I know several nurses who have gone this route.  One can attend college one evening a week in a module type program and complete this in 18 months.  Another way is to complete coursework at your own pace and take both online and classroom coursework.


BSN Accelerated option

College and University based program, must have a bachelor’s degree in another discipline and core requirements completed. Some schools offer online classes with labs and clinical rotations held at the school.  These are intense and rigorous programs that are completed within a years’ time frame.  Some programs do not allow employment for the students due to the intensity of the program.